Galyna Karpenski


Galyna Karpenski


Galyna hails from Ukraine. Since she was a little girl she always had a great passion for the animals (such as feeding and caring for the stray animals).

After Galyna moved to the USA she started volunteering for the Humane Society in Pittsfield, MA (by cleaning the kennels, walking the animals and participating in fundraising events).  When the Karpenski’s moved to NC they volunteered for the local shelters and rescues( by fostering, transporting, organizing multiple fundraising events, promoting spay/neuter ).

Galyna has bachelors degree in music, currently she works park time as a piano teacher, writes books, composes her own songs. Her other volunteering projects include: music leader at local churches, setting up fundraising online events to raise funds for orphans and stray animals in Ukraine, volunteering for Caswell Parish.


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