We had a wonderful time at the PetSence Store in Reidsville, NC this past Saturday. Thank you to Micol, the stores manager, for inviting us to participle in their adoption event. We met a lot of wonderful people who love dogs as much as we do.   We brought 4 doggies with us to find forever homes and were so lucky that 2 of them did find amazing homes. Both Toby and Blackie were able to use their doggie charms and find homes with some wonderful families. We also saw some of our previous adopters who showed up with there doggies, (We saw you little Tommy 🙂 (Hank)).We also want to thank again Steve and Carolina for coming out and volunteering for the day. They were a great help walking all the dogs and helping potential adopters meet with the dogs.  Also thank you to the wonderful people who have expressed interest in volunteering with transportation and fostering, it is such a wonderful help.  Good Luck to both Toby and Blackie in there new homes with there new families; both great dogs that deserve a great life.

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