Brandy needs Treatment

Our latest dog to come to the rescue, Brandy needs your help. She has been diagnosed with heart worms and needs an expensive treatment to get her healthy.  Heart worms are very dangerous in dogs and can be fatal.  If dogs are not on preventative it is very easy, especially here in North Carolina to get it, so please make sure you have your dogs on heart worm preventative. Heart worms are spread by mosquitoes and are not contagious to people, other dogs or other animals. Luckily there is a treatment, but it can be very expensive.  We are currently trying to raise $400.00 to get sweet Brandy health again.

If you would like to help Brandy, you can donate here. Under “Write a Note” please include “For Brandy’s Treatment”.  Thanks to everyone for helping this super sweet dog.

Update 3/2/2017: Currently, in less the 24 hours we are up to $260.00 for Brandy’s heart worm treatment. Thank you to everyone for opening their hearts and making some wonderful donations. We only need $140.00 more to have the full amount needed for Brandy’s care

Update 3/3/2017: Thank you again to everyone who has donated so far to Brandy’s care. We are currently are only $95 short of the $400 need for her treatment.

Update 3/6/2017: Brandy arrived at the vet this morning to start her heart worm treatment, If all goes well she will be back on Wednesday morning. We are still short $75.00 for her treatment. Thank you again to every for there support of this sweet girl.

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